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Children’s Tree House Learning Center uses the Creativity Optimized for Learning and Engagement (COLE) Curriculum . This curriculum was designed by founder, Enka Cole, and it embraces the notion that children learn best when they are stimulated, challenged, and introduced to learning experiences through methodology aligned to their developmental level. 

Our curriculum is comprised of two branches: the Academic Branch and the Enrichment Branch.

Academic Branch

The Academic Branch has two developmental levels: Little Sprouts (Nursery-Twos) and Tree House Primary (Pre-Kindergarten Three – Kindergarten). Each level has been designed to enrich the academic skills of children in such a way as to build confidence and knowledge in a developmentally and age appropriate manner.

Enrichment Branch

The Enrichment Branch is designed to enhance the Academic Branch through social, fine art, physical, problems solving, higher order thinking, and technology-based learning experiences.

Little Sprouts School

Primary School

Tree House Campers


Through the Children’s Tree House curriculum, we jump start your child onto the path to learning through developmental play with age-appropriate equipment and cognitive learning tools. We provide a nurturing environment in which infants can explore and grow at their own pace.

Infant care takes place in the two nurseries. Nursery A is quiet, sanctuary for newborns through crawling and Nursery B is a busy and active nursery designed for infants who are crawling and are ready to tackle more developmental milestones. Each nursery is designed to meet the amazing growth and changes infants experience in the first year.

The toddlers and twos continue to learn through developmental equipment and enrichment courses such as sign language, music, and socialization. These programs support a traditional classroom management model wherein the day is structured around a class schedule while still responsive to the individual needs and interest of each child.

The Tree House Primary Program is a rigorous full-time, school-age program available to children grades Pre-K 3 – Kindergarten. This program is designed to challenge children through academics and continue to support their learning through our enrichment programs. These programs provide daily work and homework to help prepare your child for their continued education.

Field-Based Learning Experiences

Field-Based Learning experiences are offered through The Schools at Children’s Tree House. In such cases, parents will be provided a permission form and details of the Field-Based Learning Experience no less than three days prior to departure. Company vans are used to transport children.

Daily Folder

Each child will receive a Daily Folder. The Daily Folder will include completed schoolwork, homework, activities, and notifications for parents. The Daily Folder should be reviewed each evening and returned to your child’s teacher the following school day.



Tree House Campers Program (Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break)

The Tree House Campers Program is a fun-filled camp program designed for our Tree House Primary and school age friends. Tree House Campers is offered during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break.

More information about your student’s day at The Schools at Children’s Tree House can be found in our Parent Policy Handbook. 

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