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The Tree is in The Seed


Fine and Gross Motor Skills



Social Learning

Little Sprouts Program: 

Nursery, Toddlers, Twos

Primary School Program: 

Pre-Kindergarten 3, Pre-Kindergarten 4,

Kindergarten, First Grade,

Second Grade

Specializing in early childhood education, The Schools at Children’s Tree House has three programs that challenge students to discover their learning potential. Through engaging activities that stimulate their little minds, students of The Schools at Children’s Tree House develop confidence in themselves that prepares them for their next level of education. As an Academic Preschool, The Schools at Children’s Tree House has a structured curriculum which is comprised of two branches: the Academic Branch and the Enrichment Branch. 



Locked Doors

Each family receives a unique code that will allow them access to the building during school hours.


Each family also receives a unique camera access login, so you can peek in on your little one throughout the day.


Throughout the day, teachers will update you on how your child is doing. It also serves as a payment portal.

Campus Contact Information

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